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    One of the things that made barbering a lucrative career was that barbers could supplement their income by selling grooming products only available through barber shops.  Jobbers, as the suppliers were called, were naturally eager to have their products displayed and sold in the shop, and so provided advertising for the barber shops. Two examples for Sandahl's are shown below.

Top: "A Hair Style and a Hair Product for Every Need" proclaims this poster, which shows ten hair styles and four products. The chart begins with "Sandahl's Dandruff Shampoo". Across from it is "Sandahl's Dandruff Tonic". In the first column is "Massage". Presumably this would be done using the dandruff tonic. Next down is "Plain Shampoo". This is carried over from the Fitch barber shop charts. Presumably the customer would say something like, 'why would I want a plain shampoo when I could have a Sandahl's Dandruff Shampoo for just a bit more?" encouraging him to request the higher priced service. "Haircut" and "Shave", the usual barber services, are quite far down on the chart, which also has blanks to write in other services, for instance flattops or specialty haircuts. The chart is quite large, measuring 34" wide by 23" tall, making it stand out in a barber shop.

Bottom: An updated, color version of the chart with photos of ten haircuts. The listed services are the same, although the Hair Care Perfect tonic is replaced by Sandahl's Correct Way tonic. A large photo of a woman's head appears next to the slogan, "Love That Sandahl's Man", followed by "Shampoos and Tonics for DANDRUFF" above the area showing four grooming products. At the bottom of the chart the customer is urged "TODAY Take Home What Your Barber is Using!!"

Vintage grooming ads

Vintage grooming ads

Barber Shop grooming

Above: A magazine ad announces the availabilty of Stephan's barbershop grooming products for home use.

Below: "Your STEPHAN Distributor will install this display stand in your shop FREE... and he will offer you your choice of one of these (four) special deals," promises this ad in a 1961 Barber's magazine.

Below: Close up of the black wire Stephan's rack. Labeled for and stocked with various grooming products, these racks became ubiquitous in barber shops. "We recommend and sell..." the metal sign atop the rack proclaims, "Stephan's Professional Grooming Aids...  Sold Only by Barbers".

Below: This ad enclosed with Stephan's grooming aids alerted the customer to other products in the line available for home use.

Below: Barbershop card announcing "We use, recommend, and sell Stephan's Shampoo for Men". This 8" X 6" cardboard sign has a flap at the bottom to stand it up in various ways. It could be bent for a counter or window ledge display, slipped amid a stack of grooming product boxes, or cut off to allow the sign to be displayed in a window or door.

Barbershop display

Barber Shop Grooming

Barbershop Grooming

Barbershop Shampoo

Below: This large, cardboard easel-style sign for Q.E.D. hair groom has a fold-out leg on the back, which makes it freestanding. Q.E.D. stands for Quickly Ends Dandruff. The top hair groom  box is attached to the display so it can be folded out, giving a 3 D effect. This sort of display was once common in barber shops, often seen on the top shelf of a product display rack, among portraits of various haircuts.

Below: Q.E.D. dandruff shampoo for home use, sold in barber shops and beauty salons.

Below: One reason these large easel signs graced so many shops was because of the incentives offered to barbers. This ad in a 1964 issue of Men's Hairstylist and Barber Journal offers barbers 50% profit on sales of Q.E.D. hair groom.

Vintage grooming ads

Vintage Barber Shop Shampoo

Barber magazine ad

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