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       A Close Shave

     So what's the best home shave? No two shavers will agree, but it's now possible to combine the various methods into one morning routine. For instance: Shake your hot lather machine, plug it in, and turn it on. After showering, you're ready to shave. Dispense a mug of lather, turn off and unplug the machine. Splash water on your face. Wet and shake a shaving brush, stir the mug, and apply the lather. Shave with a wet/dry electric razor, a Power M3, or straight edge, as desired. Afterwards, splash your face, and apply lotion or after shave. Rinse the brush and stand it or hang it to dry. Here's a barber trick: Save the mug of left over lather to wash your hands after applying Wildroot or Brylcreem.

       Barbers use shaving lather throughout the day to wash up after tonics, and for cutting flattops. They work a handful of lather through your hair, then rub your head with an alum block. The science escapes me, but the alum makes your hair stand up, all ready for the comb and clippers. This method is considered superior to the earlier recommended flattop procedure of slathering the hair with petroleum jelly. Unlike Vaseline, shaving cream doesn't jam the clippers, and can be washed out without a ten lather shampoo. Now many barbers use Krew Comb for pre-flattop prep. Because of its consistency, shaving cream also makes a makeshift mousse or emergency shampoo (wash it out later with the real thing).

    Color My World

        All aspects of men's grooming were previously the province of the barber salon, but now in states that have combined cosmetology with barbering, many barbers don't have licenses to do perms and color. Coloring is intriguing to men. Should you do it? Sure you should. Is it egotistical? No, it's not. That Ferrari may be, but not color. Color used to be harsh, hard on your hair, and difficult to do. But  new colors like L'Oreal Color Casting and Clairol Natural Instincts for Men are actually healthy for your hair. No down side. Modern, shampoo-in color is quick and easy, and once you try it, you'll never go back.

       Coloring your hair may make it drier. That's a good thing. If you have oily hair, all you need to do is color it, and it will dry out to about normal. Well, not all you need to do. The other factor is skin pH. After a thorough shampoo, your barber can examine your scalp condition, and recommend pH balanced products, along with suitable barbershop hair and scalp treatments. If you have normal or dry hair, and coloring makes it drier, it's time to get wet. Cut it short and shape it up with Krew Comb, or carve a precision part and don't skimp on the Wildroot.


    Lighten Up

        If you have black or dark hair, you're probably not afraid to dye it. You can easily cover the gray, and your dark complexion makes it look natural. The fair-haired, however, tend to waffle. Maybe there's some truth behind the dizzy blond jokes, or maybe it's an overdose of Clairol commercials. I do only have one life--should I live it as a blonde? How do I know blonds have more fun? Does he or doesn't he? Only his barber knows for sure. Unfortunately with blonds, the barber may not be the only person who knows. What you see on the box isn't always what you get. It's easy, once you get the box home, for the colors to shift spectrums. The smallest disturbance in the Force, and you end up with an odd red tint. If that should happen, there's only one thing to do: get a box of Maxim Rum Red, and walk on the wild side.

      Because of this X factor, Clairol suggest you only deviate from your natural color a shade at a time. A vacation is a good time to experiment, and spin the color wheel like a roulette wheel. After a couple weeks and a haircut, the net difference will be subtle at most. Try lightening up a little with Sun In or Clairol A Touch of Sun. These work gradually and are heat- activated. Just spray on and use a blo dryer or go out in the sun. One or two times result in subtle lightening. Repeated applications produce a delayed reaction of superlightening that resembles actual color.



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