Health drinks and grilling 

  Good Grillin' Tonight

      All modern men ponder two questions. Why are we here? and What's so special about a George Foreman Grill? On the first question I am a spent force, but I'll take a shot at the second. First, it's George Foreman. Do you want to argue with the champ when he says you need help in the kitchen? Unless you've got a BA in BBQ, better listen up. Second, it grills on both sides at once, so it cooks in half the time. Man invented microwaves to speed things up: the latest contender, the George Foreman Grill.

       Third, the grill is at an angle, so fat drains off while the chop is sizzling, for a one- two punch of delicious and healthy. Fourth (and now we're sliding into home plate), it comes in an endless assortment of colors and with all sorts of built-in techy gadgets, including some with timers. "Buzz!" There's mine now. Has it been a minute already? And that might be a fifth reason: in the time it took to write this, I grilled a piece of fish.



       A Good Mixer

 The blender is one of those appliances which, like the toaster, exerts nearly universal appeal. Men like toasters because they're gadgets -- large, ungainly, sometimes shiny. They heat up, some tick and have little lights and --one more thing -- oh yeah, they make toast. Women like toasters because they make toast. Blenders originally had something to do with cooking, and had kitcheny names like Osterizer and Kitchen Queen. To many men a cook book was a closed book, and so they failed to penetrate the male psyche. But as toasters got more complex, blenders got simpler, and men found the Waring could mix drinks at the basement bar. The home wet bar has gone the way of the three martini lunch and after- dinner cigar, but modern health- conscious males have found a new use for the blender and their latent mixology skills: the fitness cocktail.

       The formula is simple (making this an ideal accompaniment to toast). Any fruit, any fitness supplement, and any juice. Milk works also, but certain fruits don't make good milkshakes. Milk and Mus L Blast? Yup. Cranberry juice and Joe Weider Mega Mass? Sure thing. Add yogurt, eggs, wheat germ, or other ingredients sparingly. There's just one trick. A blender won't work dry, so be sure to add milk, juice, or water. Fortunately, new models are easy to clean, as yours will need to hit the showers for a post-drink scrub. Don't tell you know who, but the blender may soon rival the George Foreman Grill for MVA (Most  Valuable Appliance) (with stiff competition from the toaster). In no time you'll be entertaining friends with a cornucopia of exotic smoothies. You'll be the hit at every alchohol-free, health-conscious, vegetarian party. And how many wives have been waiting to say, "I married him because he can cook?"

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