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No Problem

What is problem hair?

A: That's a barber term for hard to cut cowlicks and hard to hold down hair. It was picked up by advertisers as away to sell three versions of shampoo: for oily, normal, and dry hair. A clean cut and wet grooming can slightly shift "problem" hair toward the norm. If it's dry, tonic or hair cream and plenty of it. Try Vitalis or lose the comb if it looks too slick or plastered. If you like the slick look, try Wildroot with a sharp, barber- carved part. If it's too oily, a color job might do the trick. Stick to a close shade to stay incognito, or shift down the spectrum to reinvent your look. For blond hair, try Sun in or A Touch of Sun. Spray it on and go out in the sun or use a blow dryer to heat activate the lightening.

       If it works, welcome to the world of wet grooming (see the instructions for dry hair). If not, switch to an astringent tonic like Osage Rub or Jeris Without Oil. Pre-shower, massage in Brylcreem or Wildroot to add resistance, then shampoo normally. Groom with a comb, and don't use a brush or blow dry. Go for a short style and comb back off the forehead. Use pH balanced soap for your pre-shave scrub, and Osage Rub or Stephan's 320 lotion after shaving to close skin pores. You can also use Osage or 320 for massage and as a head, face and body tonic.


Through Thick and Thin

I have fine hair. How can I stand it up for a flattop?

A: Thick hair needs to be thinned out during regular visits to the barber shop. Or follow the fashion forward lead of basketball players. Mow down the mop or Bic it slick. Try Headslick and a headshaver for a daily shave. Check your head for sunburn and lube it with a UV blocking lotion . Close pores after shaving with tonic or after shave. For thin hair, try Vive, Vitalis or other thickening shampoo and hair groom. Cutting sides and back shorter makes the top look fuller. Keep sideburns sharp and trimmed or cut them short. Try a high and tight  or the slightly fuller high reg, blended in high on the sides. Stand up a brush cut or flat top with Krew Comb or Lucky Tiger Butch Wax.

       Or try the original flattop solution: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Rub hands briskly together to warm the Vaseline, and apply liberally. Massage vigorously and brush or comb hair to stand up. Run a towel under hot water and wring out to make a steam towel. Apply to head for five minutes. Remove and reapply Vaseline as above. Comb and brush hair into position. This was the recommended way for barbers to stand hair up to cut a flattop, Vaseline is highly resistant to washing out, so get ready for a ten lather scrub. Barbers probably had a lot of takers for after haircut shampoos, but Vaseline got a bad rap from barbers because it gums up the clippers. This method was quickly abandoned in favor of the shaving cream and alum block method of hair raising. Vaseline's makers cleared their name by retailing their light Vaseline Hair Tonic through barber shops.

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