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Mod the Quad

I'm a techie guy. How can I mod the Quad?

A: To your heart's content. You've got a Quad hot rod. What are you gonna' do? Morph it in your Monster Garage. Make it a Transformer with any number of gizmos and gadgets. Conair and Homedics are churning out new ones every day, and you won't lack parts for customizing the Quad. Add a Bubble Spa mat to the tub, spill some shampoo in the bath water, and Eureka! a bubble machine. Change out your Mach III for a Power M3 or wet/ dry Panasonic. Save the Mach III for the weekly blade shave to supplement your wet/ dry shaver. Install the Foamy can in a Conair Hot Lather Machine, and your tech grooming regimen will rival George Jetson's.

Old Spice soap

Try This at Home

I'm not handy with clippers, but I'd like to try home barbering. How should I start?

A: Think about it. If you get a weekly or bi-weekly crop at the shop, what about between visits? Guys get shaggier and shaggier, and lose that sharp, well-groomed look. Electric beard trimmers are easy to use for thinning out mustaches, squaring up sideburns, carving out around the ears, and restoring the well-groomed look. Shaving with a straight edge is a skill best acquired at barber school, but what about a wet/ dry shaver and hot lather machine? Don't call it a facial, but what about rubbing in lotion and a hot towel before the after shave slap? Skin treatments have long been a barber shop specialty, and Sandahls previously supplied shops with ten varieties of face and skin creams.

       Introduce your patrons to wet grooming by following the trim up with an in the chair shampoo. Use liquid shampoo or add water with a sprayer. Use a shampoo brush or soft nail brush to massage and scrub the scalp. Take your patron to the sink for a thorough rinse, or if no sink is available, use bottled water and rub  the head with wet towels. Add a professional touch using a strap on hand massager or combine the massage and shampoo using a Homedics Soap Dispensing Massage Brush. Use barbershop amenities to make your patron sharp and well- groomed. Follow the scrub with Osage Rub for a tingling scalp massage, and combing with hair cream or tonic. Apply talc with a neck duster. Follow the shave with hot and cold towels, rub face with cold water, then finish with after shave or skin toner. At this point, barbers wave air over the face with a towel to cool the after shave sting, and smooth the face with skin cream or lotion. If you can't be the Clipper King, be the Shampoo Man, and you won't lack for volunteers.

       I hope I've converted you to the Quad and wet grooming. All the elements of the Quad are daily except one: weekly or bi-weekly trips to the barbershop are essential to looking sharp and feeling your best. There's only one answer to "What'll it be?" And that's "The Works!" Put yourself in the hands of a pro and let a Master make you clean and clean- cut. In the sad circumstance that no such shop is at hand, customize a clipper and build your own Monster Barbershop. Or take the plunge and go to barber school, and help restore the vanishing barber shop. The buzz of clippers, that rotating pole, the whirr of the lather machine. It can only mean one thing: well- groomed guys are back. 



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